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Frequently Asked Questions

​​​​​​Eligibility and types of services

Q: What specific services do you offer?A: Vision Loss Rehabilitation Saskatchewan offers a wide variety of services for people of all ages and all types of vision loss. Our services are designed to help people regain their independence, safety and mobility following a loss of sight. Visit our services page to find out more about the specific services Vision Loss Rehabilitation Saskatchewan offers.

Q: What are the eligibility criteria for patients?

A: Vision Loss Rehabilitation Saskatchewan​ does not have a minimum visual acuity standard for referrals. We rely on your professional expertise to refer patients to us at an appropriate time in the course of their treatment, the appropriate time in their experience of vision loss. In most cases, referrals are recommended as soon as a patient has lost enough vision to interfere with their confidence and ability to complete everyday tasks, regardless of whether a course of treatment has been completed. It​ is also at your discretion to refer a patient to us earlier in the vision loss process if you believe it will be helpful. 

Q: What can my patient expect from their rehabilitation plan?

A: Our certified specialists will work closely with your patient to identify their goals and objectives, and to develop a comprehensive and personalized rehabilitation plan that will help them increase their confidence and independence.​

Q: What credentials do your specialists hold?

A: The majority of our specialists are fully certified by the Academy for Certification of Vision Rehabilitation & Education Professionals, and those who have not yet received certification are in the process of completing the requirements to be certified. We are committed to providing the highest quality of care for every person we serve.

Q: Can you help my patient with their psychosocial needs as they adjust to vision loss?

A: It can be a difficult time when someone experiences a loss of sight. Vision Loss Rehabilitation Saskatchewan​ and our certified specialists are here to provide the help and support your patients need. We can help connect them with other community supports, like CNIB, who can provide the emotional support they need as they adjust to vision loss.

​Referring a patient​

Q: What is your referral process?

A: Once you and your patient decide that it's time for vision loss rehabilitation therapy, you can refer them using our online referral form. Using the online referral form will give us all the information we need to work with your patient and develop a personalized rehabilitation plan for them.

Q: Can I make an offline referral?

A: We strongly recommend using our online form​ to refer your patient to us. The form allows us to quickly get all the information we need to work with your patient to develop a personalized rehabilitation plan for them. If you are unable to use our online form, you can print a referral form and fax the completed form to 306-565-3300 (Regina) or 306-955-6224 (Saskatoon).

Q: Can my patient self-refer?

A: Your patient is welcome to reach out to Vision Loss Rehabilitation Saskatchewan directly to learn more about our services and ask any questions they may have. However, we require a completed referral form from you in order to begin providing services to your patient. The information in this form helps us understand your patient's case history, level and type of vision loss and other details that will be central to the development of their personalized rehabilitation plan.

Q: After my referral, how quickly will you contact my patient?

A: We will contact your patient by telephone within 10 business days after receiving your referral to discuss their goals and objectives, and work with them to develop a customized rehabilitation plan. If, after reviewing your referral, your patient is considered an urgent case, we will contact them within one business day.​

Q: What information will I receive about my patient's ongoing care?

A: After your patient is referred to us, we will update you within one month after they begin their personalized rehabilitation plan to let you know what services your patient is receiving.

​More about our services​

Q: Where in Saskatchewan are your services available?

A: Vision Loss Rehabilitation Saskatchewan is the leading provider of vision loss rehabilitation therapy in Saskatchewan. We serve communities across the province with certified specialists who travel to provide services in remote and rural locations. Services may be delivered over a series of appointments in your patient's home or community, their workplace, over the phone, online or at one of our Vision Loss Rehabilitation Saskatchewan ​centres located in Saskatoon and Regina.

​More about Vision Loss Rehabilitation Saskatchewan

Q: What is Vision Loss Rehabilitation Saskatchewan​?

A: Vision Loss Rehabilitation Saskatchewan​ is Saskatchewan​'s leading provider of vision loss rehabilitation services. We serve people of all ages and types of vision loss – from low vision to total blindness – on referral from ophthalmologists, optometrists and other health care professionals. Vision Loss Rehabilitation Saskatchewan and our certified specialists are here to provide the help and support your patients need, no matter their level of vision loss, to regain their independence, safety and mobility​.

Q: Is Vision Loss Rehabilitation Saskatchewan affiliated with CNIB?

A: Yes. Vision Loss Rehabilitation Saskatchewan is a CNIB organization, bringing nearly 100 years of expertise in supporting people who are blind and partially sighted.

Q: How is Vision Loss Rehabilitation Saskatchewan​ funded?

A: The services offered by Vision Loss Rehabilitation Saskatchewan are funded by the Government of Saskatchewan.​​

Q: How can I provide feedback or make a comment or complaint?

A: Vision Loss Rehabilitation Saskatchewan​ welcomes your feedback. You can submit your comments or concerns by using our feedback form. We will review your comments and get back to you within 10 business  days.​​​